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Roger Payne is collecting stories and tales about, "Characters of the Parachute Regiment and British Airborne Forces" These stories will be written into books.  He will acknowledge any storyteller if requested.

If any of you ex Para lads would like to contribute a tale or two.....(perhaps you can remember a run-in with Nobby Arnold or other pleasant, thoughtful and kind Sgt's, CSM's, RSM's or Officers!!!!!)  

Your contribution, if printed, will be acknowledged. I also need photo's of ex 3 Para lads to start a gallery on these pages. Anything you send will be appreciated

Don't be shy lads, start e-mailing now!............Thanks, John Carey

Click here to e-mail me!

John Penman (ex 1 Para) is putting together a database for ex 1 Para lads. If you are interested in contacting old mates from the Regiment, or maybe having old mates contact you, send him an e-mail at For those blokes with no e-mail address, contact me for John's 'Snail mail' address and/or phone No.

PRESERVED PENSIONS. Anyone who has served in the Armed Forces from 31 March 1975 for less than a full pensionable career but for five years or more, qualifies for a Preserved Pension. This also extends to those who served for five years or more immediately prior to 31 March 1975. To qualify one must have been aged 26 years or over after the qualifying period. If awarded, the Preserved Pension will be payable at the 60 years of age point. It can be paid at an earlier date should a person who qualifies become permanently incapable of work through physical or mental infirmity. It is up to the persons wishing to claim to contact the MOD at the age of 60 as they will not necessarily know your current address.